BAVIN HX851 Earphone 3.5mm Jack with Built-in Mic Waterproof and Silicone Bud for Powerful Sounds

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Brand : Bavin


Model : HX851


Connector : 3.5mm AUX Jack


Built-in Microphone


Multi-Function Controller


Play / Pause


Stop / Play


Next / Previous


Cable length : 120mm


Powerful and Excellent Sounds


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wholesale manufacturer Waterproof Silicone Earphone OEM factory


Packaging & Shipping




BAVIN has its' own designed professional selling package. To make sure there will be no damage to the goods during the transportation, we will put goods into small box, then big carton, double assurance.

For OEM order, we can customize packaging according to customers needs. Our professional art designer can also help you about the packaging design.


Shipping and Lead Time


1) Goods can be ready within 1 week after receiving payment.

    Stock item— can provide immediate shipping.

2) About the shipping method, whether by post, special line, airshipping, sea shipping, or express(DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT) it is under your suggestion.

If you have your own forwarder, we can also contact them to take the goods.




Q1. Why should I cooperated with BAVIN?

BAVIN is a R&D motivated technology oriented enterprise, we have vision of delivering the best mobile accessories to our customer worldly without middle price, one hand new models, good price, direct compensate of defect products service.


Q2. What about some trading company give lower price with the same model can defeat your price?

We know there are some middle company without factory, they copy the model by inmitating the outshape of product, but they use inferior plastic and coarse welding standard which result in high defect after user really start using your prioducts, this will bring headache and extraordinary loss of customer faith.


Q3. What should I do if I want my OEM packaging different with other competitors?

We can first design exclusive color box by our goup of design team, this will make your product unforgetable.on the other hand, we have abundant new model product in our sample room for selection.


Q4. How is the support policy if I become your distributor in my country?

There will be a estimation on our customer distributor, if passed we have profit return policy after we signed contract of agent, if customer company operation quality is currently as a reseller we have mix wholesell policy contract.


Q5. What is Defective products treatment?

Normally we control it under 3 in 1000 rate, when you meet defective products shoot test vedio,we will compensate it new one after confirmation.






Speaking of silicone earphone covers, you should have heard them before. Its appearance not only changes the way we wear headphones, but also provides clearer hearing. However, enthusiasts who are used to using headphones do not know that headphone covers will also affect them. So what is the specific reason? Let's look at it!


The main material of earphone is composed of circuit magnet, coil, diaphragm, wire, earmuff, etc. The main reason why ear muffs can make sound quality better is that soft silicone rubber sleeve has good sound insulation and leak proof effect compared with traditional ear muffs. In addition, the internal moving iron unit has a keen sense of voice transmission. It has the advantages of resolution, velocity, instantaneous dynamic and sound density. Adding silicone earphone cover can achieve more perfect sound quality.


Classification of earphones


At present, earphone covers are mainly divided into sponge and silicone sheath, which have their own advantages in the process of use.


First of all, if I choose from the perspective of comfort, I will also choose the earphone cover made of sponge to make my ears more comfortable, but today we are talking about sound quality, so for sponge, its sound quality effect is certainly not as good as using silicone earphone cover.


At present, the most commonly used glue earphones are made of silica gel, which has certain material advantages. The product can achieve the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, long-term skin contact, sound insulation, good shockproof effect, soft material and so on.


Why choose silicone earphones?


  • Excellent characteristics of silicone earphones


At present, most earphones are basically in ear design. When the sound quality of the earphone is directly output to the ear hole, the sound quality is completely in our ears to achieve a good auditory effect. We all know that using headphones for a long time can cause ear pain. But silicone earphones will not. Compared with some hardware coating materials, it has very good softness. Silicone earphones are very soft, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. Therefore, some silicone product manufacturers have designed such earphones, which are now widely used in our lives.


  • The design of silicone earphones are novel


At present, there are different styles of silicone earphones on the market, and more and more silicone earphones appear. Some designers put forward various shapes and features in the design. For silicone earphones, there are good comments on the global customer experience in terms of performance and price. Now some silicone earphones in our market can be said to be the cheapest in the market.


How to choose a high quality silicone earphone cover?


  1. The material has good resilience, long-term bearing capacity and is not easy to deform during extrusion.


  1. It has very good elongation and can bear the tension for a long time and return to elasticity.


  1. There is no softening or too brittle phenomenon, and the material is not soft or too brittle.


  1. There is no damage, crack and self disassembly crack.


We are professional wholesale manufacturer Waterproof Silicone Earphone OEM factory, 

there are nice and high-quality products for sale. Any interests, welcome to contact us.




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