BAVIN HX832 Wired Earphone High quality Audio Stereo Sound Unique Earphone Design

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  • Connector
    Lightning & 3.5mm Jack& type-c
  • Volume Control
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  • Microphone Sensitivity
    -43 + 4dB
  • Material
    TPE Environmental Protection wire
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  • Name: BAVIN HX832 Wired Earphone High quality Audio Stereo Sound Unique Earphone
  • Design Model: HX832
  • Connector: Lightning & 3.5mm Jack
  • Volume Control: Yes Cord Length: 115cm
  • Product Weight: 10.8g
  • Color: White Microphone
  • Sensitivity : -43 + 4dB
  • Material: TPE Environmental Protection wire
  • Use: Portable Media Player, Mobile Phone, Gaming, Sports, Travel Product
  • features: Multi-button control, Candy wired earphone, Original Stereo Sound.

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Selling Units:Single item

Single package size:15X9X3.5 cm

Single gross weight:0.027 kg

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Mini Wireless Earphones Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds with Built-in Mic for Smart Phones

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1 - 100

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wholesale OEM Universal Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Earphones manufacturer and factory


What is a stereo earphone?


Stereo refers to sound with a three-dimensional sense, for example, it can distinguish the sense of orientation and distribution of each sound source. The human ear has the ability to distinguish the range of sound sources. For example, if multiple sound sources sound at the same time, the human ear can perceive the spatial distribution of each sound source by hearing. It can be said that all sounds emitted by nature are stereo.


Stereo earphones are relative to mono earphones, and mono cannot form stereo. Unlike the single sounding unit of a mono earphone, a stereo earphone includes two or more independent sounding units, which can emit dual-channel stereo or multi-channel surround sound.


Stereo earphones use this feature of the human ear. From the beginning of the recording process, two or more microphones are used, and the sound is picked up through different positions, until the recording, playback, and amplification push the earphones. All use two or more microphones. An independent sound effect channel, so the sound emitted by the earphone can maintain a considerable sense of orientation and distribution in the recording scene.


Stereo earphones are divided into two types: earplug and head-mounted. They have the difference between the left and right channels and cannot be used interchangeably, otherwise it will directly affect the fidelity of the sound source and the resolution of the frequency of the sound source.


What is a high-fidelity earphone?


High-fidelity earphones, as the name suggests, are earphones with a high degree of assurance of true sound reproduction. HIFI is the abbreviation of High Fidelity, which means high accuracy and precision, which means a high and precise restoration of the original sound.


High-fidelity earphones, also known as HIFI earphones, the biggest feature of this kind of earphones is that they sound very comfortable when playing sound, and even have the feeling of being on the scene. Listening to music with this type of earphone is indeed a kind of blissful enjoyment.


How to choose universal Hi-Fi stereo sound earphones?


The two most important criteria for choosing Hi-Fi earphones are impedance and sensitivity. The most important significance of impedance and sensitivity for earphones is that the lower the impedance, the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to sound and be driven. Often the sound of earphones is low because of their high impedance and low sensitivity.


The most important thing in the earphone is the sound unit. At present, the mainstream adopted in the world is moving coil, moving iron, ring-iron hybrid, and electrostatic type.


🔹Moving coil is our most common earphone sound unit, and it is also the most mature earphone sound unit with different prices. The main advantage is that the overall sense of the sound is very strong, the high, middle and low frequencies are relatively balanced, the bass is very flexible, the middle frequency is full, and the sense of hearing is similar to that of the audio.


🔹Moving iron is currently relatively common on the market, and the high frequency is particularly bright, so many excellent moving iron earphones are jokingly called "female poison" by electronic product enthusiasts. Because the unit can be small in size, it can be used in large quantities in the cavity of the earplugs, but the more moving iron units, the more difficult it is to tune. At present, many custom-made earphones use multi-moving iron units.


🔹The coil-iron hybrid type combines the moving coil and the moving iron into one. The mainstream is that the moving coil is responsible for the middle and low frequencies and the moving iron is responsible for the high frequencies. The ring-iron type means that the earplugs must be composed of multiple different types of units, and because the characteristics of the two units are completely different, it is a technical challenge.



wholesale OEM Universal Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Earphones manufacturer and factorywholesale OEM Universal Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Earphones manufacturer and factorywholesale OEM Universal Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Earphones manufacturer and factory


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wholesale OEM Universal Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Earphones manufacturer and factory


Packaging & Shipping


BAVIN has its’own designed professional selling package.To make sure there will be no damage to the goods during the transportation, we will put goods into small box, then big carton, double assurance.

For OEM order, we can customize packaging according to customers needs. Our professional art designer can also help you about the packaging design.


Shipping and Lead Time

1) Goods can be ready within 1 week after receiving payment.

    Stock item— can provide immediate shipping.

2) About the shipping method, whether by post, special line, airshipping, sea shipping, or express(DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT) it is      under your suggestion.

If you have your own forwarder, we can also contact them to take the goods.


Q1.why should I cooperated with BAVIN?
BAVIN is a R&D motivated technology oriented enterprise, we have vision of delivering the best mobile accessories to our customer worldly without middle price, one hand new models, good price, direct compensate of defect products service.
Q2.what about some trading company give lower price with the same model can defeat your price?
We know there are some middle company without factory, they copy the model by inmitating the outshape of product, but they use inferior plastic and coarse welding standard which result in high defect after user really start using your prioducts, this will bring headache and extraordinary loss of customer faith.
Q3.what should I do if I want my OEM packaging different with other competitors?
We can first design exclusive color box by our goup of design team, this will make your product unforgetable.on the other hand, we have abundant new model product in our sample room for selection.
Q4.How is the support policy if I become your distributor in my country?
There will be a estimation on our customer distributor, if passed we have profit return policy after we signed contract of agent. if customer company operation quality is currently as a reseller we have mix wholesell policy contract.
Q5.What is Defective products treatment?
Normally we control it under 3 in 1000 rate, when you meet defective products shoot test vedio,we will compensate it new one after confirmation.

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