1. why should I cooperated with BAVIN?


BAVIN is a R&D motivated technology oriented enterprise, we have vision of delivering the bestmobile accessories to our customer worldly without middle price, one hand new models, good price, direct compensate of defect products service.


2.what about some trading company give lower price with the same model can defeat your price?


We know there are some middle company without factory, they copy the model by inmitating the outshape of product, but they use inferior plastic and coarse welding standard which result in high defect after user really start using your prioducts, this will bring headache and extraordinary loss of customer faith.


3.what should I do if I want my OEM packaging different with other competitors?


We can first design exclusive color box by our goup of design team, this will make your product unforgetable on the other hand, we have abundant new model product in our sample room for selection.


4.How is the support policy if I become your distributor in my country?


There will be a estimation on our customer distributor, if passed we have profit return policy after we signedcontract of agent. if customer company operation quality is currently as a reseller we have mix wholesell policy contract.


5.What is Defective products treatment?


Normally we control it under 3 in 1000 rate, when you meet defective products shoot test vedio,we will compensate it new one after confirmation.